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Dating a cancer zodiac man

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They are sensitive and deeply care about their home and family.To the Cancer born people, home, loved ones and creatures’ comfort matters more than anything else.

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To win a Cancer man woman hast to be initiative, he likes when women try to win his heart.To answer the question how to win a Cancer man at first we should know what kind of women attract his attention, what he expects from communication with the representatives of opposite sex and what you need to be happy with him.Cancer men are looking for calm, reliable, experienced women to build a stable relationship.You also should pay attention to one more moment if you want to win a Cancer man.He is a very vulnerable person, he has a subtle state of mind, and he can’t handle fights and scandals.The article Zodiac sign of Cancer will tell you more about its representatives.

It is believed that the symbol of the crab is derived from the myth of ‘Karkinos’, the giant crab, who had harassed Heracles while he was fighting Hydra.

He is always striving for a peaceful settlements of conflicts, that’s why a woman next to him should understand that it is better to be good to him, otherwise you will lose him.

In the article Compatibility of Cancer man there is information about suitable signs for a Cancer man.

Their lives are more often than not, affected by their mood swings and will often get annoyed and depressed for no apparent reasons.

The Cancer born people generally stay loyal and true to their mates, showering them with love, affection and gifts. Cancer characteristics are cold and are symbolized by the Crab.

His personality is persistent and forceful, purposeful and responsible and he always know how to get what he wants.